- August 27 -


ANCIENTS Issue # Zero is composed entirely of links to the previously published writings and translations of thirty-three contemporary ancients, with every thank-you to the original venues for existing this work. ANCIENTS Issue # One is forthcoming, with original work and in print.


Bernard Bador, poems. Translated from the French by Clayton Eshleman. In The Jivin’ Ladybug.

Don Mee Choi, Poem. In La Petite Zine, Spring 2007, Issue 20.

Phil Cordelli, two poems. In Octopus Magazine, 10.

Dot Devota, five poems from Black Writing. In Chronic Content/Tarpaulin Sky.

Sandra Doller, Memory of Prose Machine. In Drunken Boat #14 (The Bernadette Mayer Folio)

Thom Donovan, two poems. On the Reading Between A & B website, Spring 2006.

Ángel Escobar, three poems. Translated from the Spanish by Kristin Dykstra. In Jacket Magazine 38, Late 2009.

Lawrence Giffin, Practiced Restraint. In The Brooklyn Rail, May 2011.

Ally Harris, three poems. In Chronic Content/Tarpaulin Sky.

Matthew Henriksen, three poems. In So and So Magazine, Number Five.

Kim Hyesoon, All the Garbage of the World, Unite! Translated from the Korean by Don Mee Choi. In Poetry International Web, 2010.

Brenda Iijima, from Remembering Animals. In Tarpaulin Sky, Issue #14, Summer 08.

Hiromi Ito, The Maltreatment of Meaning. Translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles. In Poetry International Web.

Bhanu Kapil, from Humanimal [a project for future children]. In Almost Island, monsoon 2009.

Mohammed Khair-Eddine, Moi l’aigre. Translated from the French by Pierre Joris. In The Brooklyn Rail, March 2010.

Matthew Klane, nine poems. In Absent Magazine, Issue 04.

Youna Kwak, four poems. In Boston Review, July/August 2008. Introduced by Joanna Klink.

Dorothea Lasky, three poems. In Octopus Magazine, 10.

Loui Lightsey, three poems. in Word for/Word, Issue 14: Fall 2008.

Kristina Lugn, from Seeking Older, Well-Educated Gentleman. Translated from the Swedish by Elizabeth Clark Wessel. In Asymptote, January 2011.

Friedrike Mayrocker, fifteen poems. Translated from the German by Richard Dove. In Green Integer Review, No. 4.

César Moro, Journey Toward Night. Translated from the Spanish by Guillermo Parra. On Venepoetics, September 2008.

Ismar Tirelli Neto, two poems. Translated from the Portuguese by Farnoosh Fathi. In Jacket2, April 6, 2011.

The Pines, Volumate. In summer stock, Summer 2011.

Ariana Reines, from The Palace of Justice. In Everyday Genius, 7/9/10.

Abraham Smith, fetter the pine. In storySouth, Spring 2003.

Susana Thénon, six poems. Translated from the Spanish by Maria Negroni and Anne Twitty. In Predicting the Past: Twentieth Century Latin American Women Writers, a course taught by Maria Negroni at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York.

Lucie Thésée, Sarabande. Translated from the French by Robert Archambeau. In Poetry, June 2011.

Patrizia Vicinelli, three poems. Translated from the Italian by Carla Billitteri. In How2, Vol. 1, No. 4, September 2000.

Catherine Wagner, two poems. In The Brooklyn Rail, October 2011.

Lynn Xu, five poems. In Boston Review, May/June 2010, introduced by Ben Lerner.

Karena Youtz, four poems. In Raft 1, Fall 2010.

Ezequiel Zaidenwerg, two poems. Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers. In Hilda Magazine.

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