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ANCIENTS Issue # ZERO.THREE is composed entirely of links to the previously published writings, videos, and/or translations of fifty-one poets and/or translators, with all thanks to the original venues for introducing this work. (SEE ALSO: Ancients Issue # Zero and Issue # Zero.Two (Japan). The first print issue of ANCIENTS—feat. new and original poems, sketches, notes, translations, recitations and songs—is now in the works).


Takako Arai, Three Poems. Translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles. In Octopus Magazine, Issue 13.

Ana Božicević, Casual Elegy for Luka Skracić. In Fence Magazine, Summer 2012.

Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Five Poems. In Jacket Magazine 40, Late 2010.

Macgregor Card, Love as Principle, Order as Ground. In notnostrums 5.

Tina Brown Celona, Orpheus Restored. Part Two. In Map Literary, Issue Two, Fall 2012.

Corina Copp, Two Poems. In Boston Review, December 7, 2011. With an introduction by Dorothea Lasky.

Phil Cordelli, New Wave. A PDF-chapbook, published with BlazeVOX, 2008.

Leopoldine Core, four poems. In The Brooklyn Rail, June 2012.

Dot Devota, from MW. In Heir Apparent, Issue #4, October 2012; on The Volta.

Lidija Dimkovska, Ballad of Aunt Else’s Refugees. Translated from the Macedonian by Peggy Reid and Ljubica Arsovska. In Words Without Borders, November 2008.

Thom Donovan, All I want is to be in a band. In The Brooklyn Rail, May 2012.

Angélica Freitas, Three Poems. Translated from the Portuguese by Farnoosh Fathi. In Jacket2, Spring 2011.

Matthew Henriksen, Member Brain. In Fence Magazine, Winter 2011.

Brenda Iijima, from Some Simple Things Said By and About People. In Trickhouse #3. 

Hiromi Ito, from Wild Grass on the Riverbank. Translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles. On Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics blog, May 3, 2012.

Estela Lamat, Three Prose Poems. Translated from the Spanish by Michael Leong. In Action Yes, Volume 1, Issue 15, Winter 2011.

Dorothea Lasky, Three Poems. On BOMBLOG, August 26, 2011.

Louisiana Lightsey, Rod vs. Orb. In Paper Darts, Spring 2012.

Lucas de Lima, Three Poems. In Gobbet Magazine, December 1, 2011.

Henri Michaux, Animals Fantastique. Translated from the French by Paige Taggart. In Sink Review 9, February 2012.

Tedi López Mills, five poems. Translated from the Spanish by Wendy Burk. In InTranslation (The Brooklyn Rail), July 2011.

Chus Pato, from Charenton. Translated from the Galician by Erín Moure. In Jacket Magazine 28, October 2005. 

Lidija Praizovic, Winter Diary. Translated from the Swedish by Johannes Göransson. In Action Yes, Volume 1, Issue 16, Summer 2011.

Felipe Benítez Reyes, from The Errant Astrologers. Translated from the Spanish by Emily Toder. In Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, Spring 2010.

Amelia Rosselli, from Obtuse Diary. Translated from the Italian by Dario De Pasquale and Deborah Woodard. In Action Yes, Volume 1, Issue 17, Fall 2012.

Robyn Schiff & Nick Twemlow, Wolfvision. In TriQuarterly Online, January 16, 2012.

Laura Solomon, The Autobiography of Alice B. Notley; Tree. On Everyday Genius, August 31, 2011.

Éric Suchère, from Mystérieuse (after Hergé). Translated from the French by Sandra Doller. On Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics blog, October 15, 2012.

Habib Tengour, from Exile is my Trade. Translated from the French by Pierre Joris. In Asymptote, January 2011.

Yuka Tsukagoshi, Yellow Sorry. Translated from the Japanese by Yuka Tsukagoshi and Judy Halebsky. In Big Bridge 16.

Genya Turovskaya, Dear Jenny. On Reading Between A & B website. 

Greta Wrolstad, The Clearing. In A Public Space, Issue 4.

Lynn Xu, Je vous attends. In Walrus Magazine, May 2008.


Photograph by Kelly Shimoda—Untitled (Hanoi, Vietnam), 2007.

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